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In the following are presented the steps to install the finite element solver.

Packages required

Before start the installation, using Synaptic, check if the following packages are already installed:

  • gcc
  • gfortran
  • latex2html

For further problems check even the follows:

  • f2c
  • libf2c2
  • libf2c2-dev
  • libextutils-f77-perl

Installation from source

In reference to the procedure for the installation from source, described in, first of all it's necessary to install the packages SPOOLES and ARPACK.

Installation of SPOOLES

Apart the correction to do in makeGlobalLib file, indicated in the CCX's installation page, the file must be edited as follows:

# for solaris
# CC = gcc
  CC = /usr/lang-4.0/bin/cc


# for linux
# CC = gcc
  CC = /usr/bin/cc

Compile SPOOLES giving, from its folder, the commands:

sudo make lib
cd MT/src/
sudo make

Installation of ARPACK

Download ARPACK and its patch. The patch is automatically applied if extracted in the same folder in which ARPACK has been extracted, so simply use the command:

tar xf patch.tar

Edit file changing the following rows:

  • home = $(HOME)/ARPACK in home = /usr/local/ARPACK
  • PLAT = SUN4 in PLAT = linux
  • FC = f77 in FC = gfortran
  • FFLAGS = -O -cg89 in FFLAGS = -O2
  • MAKE = /bin/make in MAKE = /usr/bin/make

Edit /UTIL/second.f file changing the following row:


Compile ARPACK giving, from its folder, the command:

sudo make lib

Installation of CCX

Now it's possible to continue to compile the solver, as indicated in the CCX's installation page.

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