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CoolProp is a thermodynamic library which can be imported in several other programming environments.


Two possibilities are availbale:

  • download the three files from (only Linux 64-bit)
  • compile the library following the instruction reported at

Wrapper for Scilab

Copy the files and* from CoolProp/build/ to scilab-*/lib/scilab/

In the Scilab working directory, in which the CoolProp library is required, save the following propsi.sci file:

link("", "propssi_", "c")
function out = PropsSI(output, input1, value1, input2, value2, name)
    out = call("propssi_",..
        output, 1, "c",..
        input1, 2, "c",..
        value1, 3, "d",..
        input2, 4, "c",..
        value2, 5, "d",..
        name, 6, "c",..
        "out", [1,1], 7, "d")

Then, to call the library from a Scilab file, use:

exec("propsi.sci", -1)  // CoolProp library
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