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Scilab provides a numerical computational environment.


Download the last version of Scilab, and simply lunch the binary bin/scilab, as described in the instructions.

Scilab Preferences

FIXME In Scilab Preferences go to:

  • General and choose Use default directory, then indicate the directory to open at each session
  • Scinotes and remove the tick from Restore previous session on start-up.

The changes will have effect at the next restart.

Vairable Browser

To clear all the variables:



To clear the console:


File extensions

FIXME When you execute the commands in the SCI file the functions are loaded into the Scilab environment but the program does not execute them. The SCI file is similar to the .SCE file as they are both used by Scilab to contain multiple commands. However, the SCE file can contain executable statements as well, not just Scilab functions.

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