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Directory Description
/ The root directory, which is the uppermost level.
/bin Essential command binaries (cp, ls, ..).
/boot Static files of the boot loader, including the Linux kernel.
/dev Device files which refer to various hardware devices on the system.
/etc Configuration files and start up scripts.
/home Every user has here the one's directory.
/home /<utente>/~ The home directory of the logged on user (~).
/lib Essential shared libraries and kernel modules.
/lost+found The result of a recovery operation after a crash of the filesystem.
/media Mount point for removable media (USBs, CDs, DVDs, ..).
/mnt Mount point for mounting a filesystem temporarily.
/opt Additional software not handled by the package manager.
/proc Handling of process information as well as other kernel and memory information.
/root Superuser's home directory.
/run Run time data available early the boot process and that shouldn't persist over it.
/sbin Essential system binaries.
/temp Temporary files. They could be deleted after a reboot.
/usr User utilities and applications.
/usr /bin Most user commands (gimp, python, ..).
/usr /lib Libraries.
/usr /local Self-compiled or third-party programs installed by the superuser.
/usr /sbin Non-vital system binaries.
/usr /share Architecture-independent data.
/var Variable data whose content can change during the system operations.
/var /log System log files.
/var /tmp Temporary files preserved between system reboots.
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