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Brother HL-2135W

The Brother HL-2135W is a mono laser printer with the ability of a wireless connectivity.

This guide describes how to install it in order to use it in Wi-Fi mode.

Printer's configuring procedures

The following procedures are necessary to (re)configuring the printer or to know its set up. They have to keep in mind because they will be recalled several times in this guide.

Reset network settings

This method resets password and IP for the print server.

  1. Turn off the printer.
  2. Hold the Go button down while the printer is being turned on and keep it down until all LEDs light up and the Ready LED turns off.
  3. Release Go and make sure that all LEDs turn off.
  4. Press Go six times. The printer will restart.

This method allows to print the printer and network settings (2 sheets). If the wireless is disabled (the relative green LED, on the back panel, is turned off) it will be print only the printer settings (1 sheet).

  1. Turn on the printer.
  2. Press the Go button three times within 2 seconds.

If the IP Address is, wait for one minute and try again. Normally it happens after a network settings reset.

Enable/Disable wireless network

This method allows to enable the wireless network (the relative green LED, on the back panel, turns on) or to disable it and to print the network settings (1 sheet).

  1. Hold the Go button down for 10 seconds till it starts to print.

If the wireless is enabled, on the network configuration page will be print:

<Interface>    WirelessLAN on

Download and Install the printer drivers

The following steps are necessary in order to install the printer drivers.

  1. From Synaptic, install the packages:
    • apparmor-utils
    • cups
  2. Run the command:
    sudo aa-complain cupsd
  3. Download the LPR and cupswrapper drivers.
  4. Install LPR and cupswrapper drivers following the below steps:
    1. turn on the printer and connect it to the PC with USB cable;
    2. open a terminal in the folder in which the drivers were downloaded and install them with the commands:
      sudo dpkg -i --force-all <LPR>.deb
      sudo dpkg -i --force-all <cupswrapper>.deb
    3. check if the installation turn out well with:
      dpkg -l | grep Brother

Interface the printer with the network access point/router

The following steps are necessary only if the network configurations are changed, otherwise skip to the installation of the printer.

  1. Turn on the printer.
  2. If necessary, enable wireless network.
  3. Connect the printer to the PC with the USB cable.
  4. Go to Create New Wi-Fi Network and create a new hotspot with:
    Figure 1: Creation of the hotspot SETUP.

    then go to Edit Connections and edit it as follows:

    Figure 2: Editing the hotspot SETUP.

    and finally connect to it:

    Figure 3: Hotspot SETUP in the network menu.
  5. Print the printer network settings and find its IP address, which should be of the form:
    IP Address    169.254.*.*    (via APIPA)
  6. Open a browser and type the printer's IP:
  7. Enter in Network Configuration with user admin and password access.
    Figure 4: Network configuration area. Here is also reported the printer's MAC address.
  8. Go to Configure Wireless and set the parameters as follows:
    Figure 5: Association of the one's wireless network to the printer. Set the parameters according to the access point/router's settings.

    Check what kind of authentication method your access point/router uses and then select the relative encryption mode as follows:

    Authentication method Encryption mode
    WPA2 AES
  9. Remove the USB cable and switch hotspot from SETUP to the one's Wi-Fi network.
  10. Go to Configure TC/IP and set a static IP address for the printer:
    Figure 6: Set static IP for the printer.

Some access point/router, use DHCP to assign dynamic IP to a requesting client. In addition, among these, some of them allow to reserve always a certain IP for a specified device, others not. Only if is not possible to disable the DHCP, in favour of a static IP, two different configurations are possible:

  1. the access point/router allows to reserve a certain IP:
    1. open a browser and enter in the access point/router's configuration page:
    2. go to IPv4 and register the IP address for the printer
      Figure 7: Registering of a static IP for the printer. Its MAC address is the one reported in Figure 4.
  2. the access point/router always assigns a dynamic IP:
    1. go to Network Configuration > Configure TC/IP and set the Boot Method to DHCP
      Figure 8: If Boot Method is set to DHCP, the print server will automatically obtain its IP address from the DHCP server. Note that now IP Address, Subnet Mask and Gateway are no longer necessary. To access to the printer's configuration page it's necessary to get the right IP that the access point/router has assigned to the printer, which is displayed in the access point/router's configuration page.

Install the printer

If not already done, disconnect the USB cable from the printer.

Go to Settings > Printers and add the new printer using its URI as follows:

Figure 9: Use the printer's IP specified during its configuration as shown in Figure 6.

Choose printer's driver from database and select the raccomanded versions:

Figure 10: It's better to choose the printer's driver from the foomatic driver databse since the PPD that comes along with the printer could not be work.
Figure 11: Choose the recommended driver from the HL-2135 printer.
Figure 12: All the printer's properties just added. Note that the Location field can be left empty.
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